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The Most Effective Promotional Products to Take to Trade Shows

Trade show season is a big time of the year for many businesses. If you operate within an industry that has product launches, noteworthy industry news, or massive exhibitions, chances are you’ll find yourself attending one or more trade shows throughout the latter part (Q4) of the year. And while you might be learning a lot about your industry happenings and competition, you should also be using these opportunities to market your business.

Invest in Custom Promotional Products

More than business cards or tri-fold brochures about your company, it’s important to consider the power of custom promotional products as a chief marketing tool for use at trade shows. Promotional products are far and away the best products to bring to any trade show for a wide variety of reasons:
  • Promo items are intriguing and often useful, making them less likely to be discarded
  • They’re a clever way to provide value, while also marketing your brand or company
  • They can instantly set you apart from competitors and make your booth a destination
  • Promo products can be repurposed across shows for a low-cost marketing solution
The list of benefits goes on. The chief idea to remember here is that promotional products give you the most bang for your marketing buck in a space that’s going to be convoluted with marketing collateral from a wide range of competitors and industry rivals.

The Best Possible Promo Products

There are two schools of thought when it comes to picking the best possible promo products. The first is simple: choose promo items that are relevant within your industry. For example, if your attending a convention for therapists or massage professionals, a simple branded stress ball might be an excellent investment in marketing collateral. The second school of thought is to provide the most general value by generating promotional products that are universally applicable. This means providing promo products people are likely to see as valuable—shirts, water bottles, USB flash drives, earbuds and so on. The more “usable” your promo item is, the more it’s going to appeal to people. And, the more appeal you offer, the more exposure you’re going to generate at your trade shows.

Promo Product Ideas

Still not sure of what promo products will help you stand out at your next convention? Take a look at some of the most popular options that have proven successful at trade shows in the past:
  • T-shirts, hats, and other branded apparel items
  • Water bottles, coozies, water bottles, and other drink-inspired products
  • Desk items such as stress balls, USB flash drives, and more
  • General promo items like tote bags, keychains, pens, and golf balls
  • Edibles like branded candy, bottled water, or gourmet chocolates
The important thing to remember is balancing the appeal of a free promo item with the potential for grassroots advertising. Do people want what you have to offer? Will they relate the value they’re getting with your brand? Will these promo items make them further consider your brand, beyond the free item they’re getting? If you need help understanding how to leverage promo items at your next trade show or industry convention, consult with the experts at your local AlphaGraphics today. We’ll help you narrow down what items may help you generate buzz for your company and help you make an appeal that stands out from the crowd!

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